Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Probably no more posts

I think my blogging days are over for now. The people that used to check here are actually on Facebook now, which is where I keep updates of my "Rockstar life-style". So if you actually see this and aren't on my friend list in Facebook, please look for me there and we'll get hooked up. First name Tokyo, last name Slim.

Tokyo Slim

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Still no Pics

Ok, so somehow, another month has slipped by. Technically, I could say I'm getting more frequent with my posts, and I suppose that would be correct, but you and I both know its bullshit. I have some pictures in my camera that I need to upload, almost 2 GB's worth actually, but for tonight, I'll just hit up a post.

Today, I got offered to do a small time TV spot on Japanese TV in the Aomori prefecture. I accepted and hope to hear more from the producer and the Public Affairs office here at Misawa. It's going to be of an English teaching nature, so my days in the adult film biz still aren't here...

Also, today, while waiting to see the TV people, I was talking with a Japanese friend of mine who plays on a local men's amateur hockey team. They are looking for more players and the season is starting now, so I'll be dusting off my old hockey equipment and hitting the ice soon! There's also another team representing Aomori (in our age group) that will be competing against other prefectures in Sendai later this year. I may try out for that as well, depending on how badly these local guys beat me up; there's a lot of big farm boys up here that I never expected to see.

That's what it is around here for now,
Tokyo Slim

Saturday, August 09, 2008


So I guess four months is a bit of a gap. Could be my biggest gap yet. If anybody's still checking in on me, please leave a comment.

Things have been a tad busy 'round here. Work has been demanding, yet I manage to go home on time around 80% of the time; not bad. The more overtime people work in the AF, the more AF leadership thinks we can do with less manning, so I keep my non-reportable overtime to a minimum.

Had the pedal-boat out once this year and lost one of my boat carrier foamies. I'm not that happy about it, but sulking won't put it back on my car, so life goes on. I've recently been researching the different kayaks and canoes available here in Japan. There's a part of my mind that tells me to sell the pedal-boat and pick-up a canoe or kayak.

I bought a new tent and we're camping tomorrow. Expect some pictures soon, I've just got to
load them.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Less Than Stellar

Sorry it's been so long. I went to Texas for some training, and right now I'm kickin' it in The Tokyo with The Fam. Its a rainy morning, but we're headed out for fun anyway.

Well, I don't know exactly what I expected from the folks down at Mitchum HQ, but here's their response. I accidentally emailed the Patent Lawyer but was redirected to the proper channels.

Dear Mr. Slim,
Your recent email to Joy Goudie, Revlon Senior Patent Counsel, was referred to me for a reply.

We were so sorry to learn that you were offended by a reference to "almost matching socks" on a Mitchum Man label. Revlon develops advertising only after thorough research determines what appeals to our consumers. However, we appreciate that an individual's response to our advertising is always a matter of personal taste. We are sorry that you were offended by one of our Mitchum Man slogans.

We do appreciate the time and trouble spent making your reaction to the Mitchum Man label known to us. Your comments are important to us and will be passed along to our advertising department.

Thank you for your loyalty to Mitchum products. Please be assured of our desire to be of service whenever possible.

I really want a major company to respond to my stupidity with a sense of humor. Irish Spring, M&M's, Pet Smart, and now Revlon have given me less than stellar responses.

It's now my personal mission to get a response from "the man" that at least acknowledges my immaturity and makes me laugh. I wonder who's next?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

500 Pictures Ago

So I was looking through some photos for another installment of "What The Hell Is That?" when I came across a Ham Broccoli Bread I made, some 500 pictures ago. Actually, Mrs. Slim helped out a lot on this venture, as it was very difficult to get this thing wrapped up; thanks Baby!

Anyways, this thing was delicious and I just felt like showing it off. Here's another picture of it, unsliced.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Update to Messin' with the Man

Well, I got a response back, kind of a generic one, and I was given a new person to contact with my marketing questions. Here's the email I sent out, hopefully I get a response soon.
Dear Joy,
I was given your name as a point of contact for some questions concerning the marketing strategy of Mitchum® Antiperspirant & Deodorant. I have been using Mitchum for a few years now and have come to enjoy its effectiveness and lack of marks it leaves on my black T-shirts, which I wear every day for work. Some of the 'If you need an audience to light the grill, you're a Mitchum man' type marketing has been something funny to read over the past few years.
However, my current Mitchum product contains a quip that has left me befuddled. This is what it says, "If your socks almost match, you're a Mitchum man". In case you don't believe me, I've attached a photo.
Is a Mitchum Man too stupid or too lazy to match his socks?
I was wondering who the targeted audience would be for this phrase; As a Mitchum user, where do I fall in to the picture?

I feel I'm smart enough to match my socks. I also pay attention to their degree of "matchness", so I don't feel I'm lazy. I feel that if you are too lazy to make sure your socks match, you probably don't wear socks anyway, or can't wear socks for work related issues, such as Harri Krishna, NFL Kicker, or professional nude foot model. The other professions of "Crack Whore" and "Assistant Crack Whore" might also be included in that group, but who knows for sure.
I've always thought if your socks almost match, you are an idiot, or if they almost match, you somehow didn't try hard enough, yet, how much effort does it take to match your socks? Which would it be, stupidity or laziness?
So does this mean that Mitchum Men can't perform the task of matching? I've taught my children how to match things at the ripe old age of 1 year. They may not be geniuses, but they've done well on matching exercises.
My socks have never "not matched." If a fire were to break out in my house, leaving me with only two socks that didn't match, I'd go with sandals and no socks until I could get a pair of matching socks.

Joy, to bring it all back to the original question, what demographic should be purchasing your product, because I feel I may be a bit over-qualified to use your product?

In case you were wondering, here's a little more info on me; a current Mitchum® brand Antiperspirant & Deodorant user:
Matches socks & shoes well. Bonus skill: can tie shoes
Performs basic math skills to the 12th grade level
differentiates between basic colors
able to distinguish between common barnyard animal sounds
can write own name
recognizes mirror image as self.

Tokyo Slim

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Differently Similar

So, while we wait for word from "them" I'll share some pics I took with a friend of mine.

Not too long ago, we left work at lunch to shoot photos in the local area. Once we got out of his van, we kind of split up and took pictures in the same area, but not around each other. I got lost in my viewfinder and forgot he was there, and I think he did the same. Our pictures were interestingly different, despite taking pictures of the same stuff.

I'm hoping he gets around to putting up a website. I would definitely link to it from here because he does nice work.
Anyway, here's a temple in Misawa that I didn't know was here. Thanks, bro.

From under the tori

Some odd winter blossoms

To wake the gods...